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While our memory and thinking skills sustain some degree of decline as a common part of aging, Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders can prevent you from performing daily activities and from enjoying a full and productive life. There are more than 100 types of conditions that cause brain dysfunction and are responsible for decline in memory and thinking, or dementia, some of which are treatable.

The UF Health Memory and Cognitive Disorders Program is one of just a few memory disorder programs in Florida to receive partial support from the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative, a statewide program addressing the concerns of people in Florida who are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. The UF Health Memory and Cognitive Disorders Program is among the few designated by the National Institutes of Health as an Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC).

This dedicated program, a part of the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases at UF Health, performs detailed, interdisciplinary care and research for those battling disorders tied to language (speaking, reading or writing), spatial (getting lost in the neighborhood or home), facial/emotional recognition, apathy and executive disorders (decision-making, completing tasks, etc.).

The UF Health Memory and Cognitive Disorders Program also features a Brain Health program were a neurologist and multidisciplinary team can help you and your family to optimize your brain function.

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Florida’s Medicaid program reimburses for live video telemedicine, allowing our neurological specialists to deliver services for patients remotely. Please contact us to set up an appointment at 352-294-5400.

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