Core Laboratories

Biomarkers Laboratory

The biomarkers laboratory will be engaged in real time collection of biologicals from patients and family members attending the Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases clinic site.

Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

The Cognitive Neuroscience / Clinical Neuropsychology Laboratory is a multidisciplinary laboratory focusing on cognitive, emotional, and motivational processes and how these are affected by neurologic and psychiatric disorders.

Imaging Pipeline Laboratory

The imaging pipeline laboratory is a multidisciplinary effort to capture imaging from all of the patients and research subjects participating in Fixel Institute of Neurological Diseases research. The imaging will link to the other core laboratories and will be especially important for database and biomarker projects.

Neuromodulation & Brain Mapping Lab

The Brain Mapping Laboratory studies precursors to behavior and aftereffects of stimulation in neural networks to understand this interaction through electrophysiology and bioimaging.

Neurotechnology & Neurophysiology Laboratory

The Neurotechnology & Neurophysiology Laboratory integrates non-invasive neuromodulation and next generation neurotechnologies into clinical care and research.

UF INFORM Patient Research Database

Patients of the UF Health Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration program have the option to allow us to track their condition in our central database. The information is gathered in clinic and used for treatment purposes.