Prepare for Your First Visit

Preparing for your first visit to the Fixel Institute shouldn’t be stressful.
From completing your paperwork to arriving for your appointment, we have you covered with a step-by-step guide to your visit.

After scheduling your appointment

You should receive a new patient packet in the mail with important information about your upcoming visit, what to expect and essential paperwork.

If you do not receive your patient packet within 2 weeks after confirming your new patient appointment, please call our office at 352-294-5400.

1. Log in to myUFHealth

New patients will receive instructions to log into our secure, patient portal system: MyUFHealth. 
On the MyUFHealth patient portal, you can access your medical records, complete patient paperwork, view appointment notes and communicate directly with your care team.

3. Review pre-appointment instructions

Depending on the clinic you see during your visit, there may specific instructions about medications or patient documents related to your appointment.
Some clinics may request that you stop your medication for 12-24 hours prior to your appointment due to the nature of the evaluation.

Before your appointment

As your appointment approaches, you can prepare for your upcoming visit to the Norman Fixel Institute by following any pre-appointment instructions related to your medications and health records. 

1. Complete quality of life questionnaire

Before every visit to the Norman Fixel Institute, you will receive a notification from your myUFHealth portal to complete a short, quality of life questionnaire.
Specific to your day-of visit, the form helps our care team understand how you are doing so we can provide the best care and treatment during your visit.

2. Follow pre-appointment instructions

Patients will be asked to review the pre-appointment instructions to ensure your care team can provide the best care and treatment possible during your visit.
You will be asked to bring your health records and to potentially stop your medication for 12-24 hours prior to your appointment.

3. Prepare for your visit

We want to make your visit as calming and stress-free as possible. Before you even step foot in the Norman Fixel Institute, you can take a virtual tour.

From the lobby to the patient rooms, you can get a feel for the clinic and your visit before arriving for your appointment.

Getting to the Fixel Institute

photo of the front of the Fixel building. it looks new and there is an space to pull your car up to the front of the building

Located on the Fixel Institute Campus, the Norman Fixel Institute clinic is easily accessible from major highways and the local Gainesville Regional Airport.

Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases at UF Health
3009 SW Williston Road
Gainesville, FL

Directions from my location.

Parking is available around the clinic and is free to all patients and their families.

Have questions?

Our staff is always available to help answer any questions you have regarding your first visit to the Fixel Institute. If you need assistance or have any questions, please call 352-294-5400.