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Enjoying the Holiday With Parkinson’s

November and December is a time for family, friends and loved ones to gather and celebrate the holiday season. This involves many unique and exciting activities such as traveling, parties, attending events and more. However, when you are living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), some of those activities can…

Care Partner Month 2023

This year, and every year, the Fixel Institute joins the Parkinson’s Foundation in recognizing our care partners for the National Family Caregivers Month. We want to show our thanks and appreciation for those who give their all to ensure…

Tourette Support Group Events – Fall 2023

Please join the Clay/Alachua County Tourette syndrome support group this fall for a number of events. All are welcome, both children and their parents. RSVP is appreciated, please reach out to Michealle Loyd ( For more information on this support group, access the flyer.