Resources & Support

Counseling & Social Work

Living with or caring for someone with a complex neurological disorder has its challenges. Receive the support you need to navigate these challenges by connecting with a social worker at your next visit to the Fixel Institute.
Ask your care team about counseling & social work at your next visit.

Social worker talking to a patient about resources and support available.

Exercise Programs

Movement and physical activities add benefit to your physical and mental health. Adapted to your specific needs and abilities, exercise programs offered or promoted by the Fixel Institute will keep you moving.

Two women dancing at a Dance for Life class

Genetic Counseling

Genetics and family health history provide information to determine how likely it is that you or your family has or may develop complex neurological disorders. The Fixel Institute offers free genetic counseling to patients and their families.
Ask your care team about genetic counseling programs at your next visit.

Couple holding hands at a genetic counseling visit.

Nutrition Program

Nutrition can optimize your care and treatment, ease your symptoms and maintain your overall health. With registered dietitian nutritionists on site, the Fixel Institute can provide the tools you need to balance your nutrition.
Ask your care team about nutrition at your next visit.

Nutritionist pointing to a chart about fruit and vegetables on a table.

Support Groups

Sharing your experiences and building a support system with people like you makes a difference in living with a complex neurological disorder. From PD to Alz, the Fixel Institute hosts a variety of monthly support group.

People gathered for a support group.

Tips & Treatment Blog

Looking for tips to navigate your diagnosis? The Fixel Institute Tips & Treatment blog brings tips, treatments and motivational stories to encourage and inspire you to live your best life.

Partner pointing at a computer screen for other partner.