Neuroimaging Laboratory

The neuroimaging laboratory is a multidisciplinary effort to capture imaging from all of the patients and research subjects participating in Fixel Institute of Neurological Diseases research.  The imaging will link to the other core laboratories and will be especially important for database and biomarker projects.  The imaging pipelines have been developed to facilitate effective and efficient processing of neuroimaging data across platforms including Freesurfer, FSL, ANTs, AFNI, SPM, and other custom methodologies.  The laboratory collaborates with researchers interested in motor, mood, cognition, quality of life, DBS and non-invasive stimulation research.  The laboratory has also developed novel techniques for imaging in vivo and ex vivo animals and for tracking disease progression in humans.  Specific applications in the laboratory include Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, Alzheimer’s disease, essential tremor, ataxia, and chronic pain.


David Vaillancourt, Ph.D.
Director and Principle Investigator

Faculty Contributors

Steve CoombesSteve Coombes, PhD Applied Physiology and KinesiologyFaculty
FeboMarcelo Febo, PhDPsychiatryFaculty
christopher hessChristopher Hess, MDNeurologyFaculty
nikolaus mcfarlandNikolaus McFarland, MD, PhDNeurologyFaculty
Catherine PriceCatherine Price, PhD, ABBP-CNNeuropsychologyFaculty
aparna shuklaAparna Shukla, MDNeurologyFaculty
vemuriBaba Vemuri, PhDComputer and Information Science and EngineeringFaculty

Lab Students

winston chuWinston ChuPhD student
Bryan GattoBryan GattoPhD student
Rachel JudyRachel JudyPhD student
studentHan LiuPhD student
Trina MitchellTrina MitchellPhD student
Wei-in WangWei-in WangPhD student
bradley wilkesBradley WilkesPhD Post-doc