Neuroimaging Laboratory

The Neuroimaging Lab captures imaging from patients and research participants at the Fixel Institute.

Imaging collected through the lab links to the other core laboratories and plays an essential role for database and biomarker projects. The lab collaborates with researchers interested in motor, mood, cognition, quality of life, deep brain stimulation and non-invasive stimulation research.

Led by Dr. David Vaillancourt, the Neuroimaging Lab developed novel techniques for imaging in vivo and ex vivo animals and for tracking disease progression in humans.  Specific applications in the laboratory include Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, Alzheimer’s disease, essential tremor, ataxia, and chronic pain.

Meet the Researchers Lab Website

Meet the Researchers

Marcelo Febo

Marcelo Febo Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Christopher Hess

Christopher Hess M.D.

The Jill F. And Richard W. Cope Professorship; Asst. Professor Of Neurology; Movement Disorders Fellowship Director And Medical Director; Director, Neurotechnology Program For Movement Disorders And Neurorestoration; Norman Fixel Institute
Nikolaus McFarland

Nikolaus McFarland MD, PhD

Associate Professor Of Neurology, Wright/Falls/Simmons Professorship In PSP And Atypical Parkinsonism, Director UF HDSA Center Of Excellence
Catherine Price
Department: Department of Clinical and Health Psychology

Catherine Price Ph.D., ABPP-cn

Associate Professor
Aparna A Wagle Shukla

Aparna A Wagle Shukla M.D.

Professor Of Neurology Director, Clinical Trials
Steve CoombesSteve Coombes, PhD Applied Physiology and KinesiologyFaculty
vemuriBaba Vemuri, PhDComputer and Information Science and EngineeringFaculty

Lab Students

winston chuWinston ChuPhD student
Bryan GattoBryan GattoPhD student
Rachel JudyRachel JudyPhD student
studentHan LiuPhD student
Trina MitchellTrina MitchellPhD student
Wei-in WangWei-in WangPhD student
bradley wilkesBradley WilkesPhD Post-doc