Research Resources

Deep Brain Stimulation Brain Bank

The University of Florida’s Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Brain Bank was established in 2006 and has since been supporting neurological research all over the world. Our brain bank encourages brain donation so that we can study the brains and find better therapies and treatments for various neurological disorders.

doctors Okun and Foote during deep brain stimulation surgery.

UF Neuromedicine Human Brain and Tissue Bank (UF HBTB)

The UF HBTB is supported by MBI and CTRND and provides a resource for patients, caregivers and researchers to better understand neurological diseases.

Hand shows the brain in the sun and sky.

International Tourette Deep Brain Stimulation Database and Registry

University of Florida neuroscientists are leading a multinational effort to track outcomes for patients with Tourette syndrome who undergo deep brain stimulation surgery, an established treatment for other movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease that’s now being tested as a potential means to decrease the motor and vocal tics of Tourette syndrome in certain patients.

man about to enter an m-r-i machine