Biomarkers Process for Researchers

With thousands of patients coming to the Norman Fixel Institute every year, the Biomarkers Lab designed a biomarkers research process.

The Biomarker Process for Researchers bridges researchers from the lab to the clinical practice to advance potential biomarker discovery that will lead future drug development and targeted therapy for patient populations.

Researchers can collect biological research specimens from specific patient populations in the clinical practice and utilize the biomarker findings in clinical trials at the Norman Fixel Institute.

Learn about the Biomarker Process

The Biomarkers Lab created two short videos explaining the overall biomarkers research process including the collection of biomarkers and a guide for registering your upcoming clinical research and biomarker studies.

Who can request biomarker collection?

Affiliated researchers are designated as faculty members at the University of Florida and UF Health.

Where can I learn more about the Biomarker Process?

The Biomarkers Lab team created educational videos that review the biomarkers research process for the biomarker collection and the steps to register your clinical research and biomarker studies.

Video 1 – Biomarker Process at Fixel: 5 Stages from Study Feasibility to Temporary Storage

Video 2 – Biomarker Study REDCap Registration: How to Register Your Study

How do I register my biomarker study with the Biomarkers Lab?

Researchers must register their clinical research and biomarker studies via the Norman Fixel Institute Biomarker Study Registration Form on RedCap.

Do I need IRB approval before I fill out the biomarker studies registration form?

IRB submissions and approval can be obtained before or after you register your clinical research and biomarker studies, but you must do both to start collecting biomarkers from patient populations at the Norman Fixel Institute.

Have additional questions about the Biomarker Process?

Contact Stephan Alvarez, Biomarkers Research Coordinator, at