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UF Health researchers Study Superagers

An ongoing pilot study of the factors associated with successful aging in a population of those 90 and older found about 45,000 “superagers” in Florida.

UF Parkinson expert featured on JAMA podcast

The prevalence of Parkinson disease is increasing more rapidly than other neurological disorders, and is estimated to affect nearly 1 million Americans and more than 6 million people worldwide.

Strengths of Tourette Syndrome

This Valentine’s Day is a great time to teach children living with Tourette syndrome some self-love, but focusing on the positive strengths that are associated with the condition. Children living with Tourette syndrome (TS) or a Tic Disorder (TD) often face many challenges, often in multiple domains including at…

Synergy in neuroscience and neuromedicine research

As we usher in a new decade, we would like to reflect on the past decade of exciting achievements for UF’s neuroscience and neuromedicine research community and share our broad vision for the future of neuroscience and neuromedicine research at UF.