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Memory & Dementia

Dementia Diagnosis Grant

A UF neurologist and communication scientist have been awarded a $375,000 grant to study how people experience the delivery of such a diagnosis of dementia.

Study Uncovers Flashback-like Memories in Alzheimer’s Patients

A research team led by Wissam Deeb, M.D., assistant professor of neurology at the University of Florida, analyzed a phenomenon of flashback-like cognitive experiences in nearly half of the patients occurring during initial programming of the stimulator.

Event: PSP/Lewy Body Disease Think Thank VII

Think Tanks are an ongoing tradition for the UF Program for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration. The idea – started by Dr. Okun – was to bring together top-notch clinicians and researchers to give short talks and to stimulate discussion and new ideas to tackle tough disorders like dystonia and Parkinson disease.