Enjoying the Holidays With Parkinson’s

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November and December is a time for family, friends and loved ones to gather and celebrate the holiday season. This involves many unique and exciting activities such as traveling, parties, attending events and more. However, when you are living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), some of those activities can often become more challenging due to motor changes (such as difficulties walking or slowness of movement) or the non-motor symptoms (such as fatigue, anxiety and urinary/bowel changes) of the disease.

In order to ensure that you experience the most enjoyable holiday season, many PD experts have compiled a list of recommendations to keep in mind.

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  • Keep up with regular exercise schedule
    • Use the Fitness Fridays or your local organization’s virtual resources to maintain your regular exercise while traveling.
    • Meet with your rehabilitation team to obtain a virtual exercise program for your travel.
  • Plan ahead
    • Allow extra time for transitions, your morning routine, eating, etc. to allow for you to feel comfortable and not rushed throughout your holiday events.
    • If traveling, make sure you bring your Aware in Care Kit in case of emergencies
    • Bring extra medication in case of emergencies or delays with traveling
  • Stay well rested
    • Maintain a regular sleep schedule
    • Take scheduled rest breaks throughout the day
  • If traveling, stay safe by keeping up-to-date with the CDC recommendations for Coronavirus travel
  • Maintain a healthy PD nutrition plan when possible

The Fixel Institute wishes you a wonderful holiday season, and hope that these resources provide you with the tools needed to have an incredible time with your loved ones.

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