We Respect You and We Value You

Leadership within the Fixel Institute, on behalf of our care team, would like to take the opportunity to voice our support for a diverse, inclusive clinic and community. 

Recent tragedies have raised strong emotion and deep concern about issues of injustice, social inequities, and racism. We understand that this is a painful time, particularly for the Black community, and we value the dignity of every human life, regardless of color or creed. While elements of injustice may continue to exist in our society at large, the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases, where many of you receive care, is a place where we welcome and appreciate diversity, striving to make an inclusive environment that celebrates and recognizes all. 

To our patients and caregivers in our community—we are committed to continuously doing better for you and every patient we see, and we encourage all recipients of the Movement Messenger to find resources and have conversations that aid in the fight against injustice, social inequities, and racism.

Please know that we respect you and we value you.

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