“Aware in Care” kits aim to improve hospital stays for Parkinson patients

The National Parkinson Foundation has developed a kit for Parkinson patients that will give them tools to make sure they get the best possible care in the hospital. The “Aware in Care” kit is available for free to patients on the website AwareInCare.org and contains:

  • an action plan to prepare for a hospital visit;
  • a Parkinson’s ID bracelet to wear at all times in case of an emergency;
  • a form to list medications and dosages for important, time-sensitive PD medications;
  • a fact sheet; reminder slips for hospital staff that list vital information about PD care.

Dr. Michael Okun, Medical Director for the NPF and also Co-Director of our UF Center for Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration said “Our research scientists have unearthed important factors which can lower the risk of illness, serious complications and even death of hospitalized Parkinson’s patients. For my patients, and for the up to one million people suffering from Parkinson’s in the U.S., Aware in Care will improve the type of attention and treatment they get in hospitals.”

Learn more on the Aware In Care website.