Parkinson Disease and Hospitalizations

Drs. Oyama and Okun from the University of Florida wrote a blog post on the National Parkinson Foundation website about two recent articles which point out to physicians the problems that Parkinson patients may have when they come in for a hospitalization and during their treatment.

One was written by a student that works here at the UFMDC, Andrew Resnick, and specifically discusses emergency room encounters for patients with deep brain stimulators. The newest one, written by Dr. Swati Patel, from the University of Colorado – Denver, discusses PD patient needs when they are going to have surgery and be hospitalized. It is a pretty easy read compared to the typical academic article which is helpful when the author wants to express the information to a broader audience. Physicians are given specific advice regarding issues PD patients may have in the motor, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, genitourinary, or cognitive areas and also with medication management. You can read it directly on the “The Hospitalist” website.